Our approach is client centered, built on the principles of ecological design and incorporates a spiritual dimension – ways of dwelling. These guiding principles allow for honest and thoughtful work and result in homes that are a reflection of our clients as the protagonists throughout the whole process of design and construction.

Advanced Energy Efficient Technology


Since 1989 we have helped clients create homes, build additions and remodel. We strive to create homes that are a reflection of our clients and who they are, to deepen their sense of place and nurture intimate relationships with the world we live in and those we share it with. Through a series of creative and meditative exercises, our clients reveal the impulses guiding them to initiate this process and what they seek in a home. Our task is to identify that which resonates and embody this through poetic and compelling spaces. The client centered approach and co-creative process guided through a series of design sessions, results in a unique style and highly customized solution for each client.

Our clients greatly value these initial sessions as they allow for the exploration of multiple ideas, ecological practices and materials. Clients can explore these topics through the initial design sessions, without having to engage with the creative and meditative exercises – we equally welcome this approach as we meet our clients where they are, interested in what serves them.

Bill, with his experience and sensibility, gently guides the design process into a coherent whole with playful touches, simplicity and thoughtfulness. The strong bond generated at the initial design sessions between Bill and his clients forms a solid foundation that reverberates throughout all aspects of the design and construction phases. 

Straw bale construction


Ecology is the interconnected web of life within which we help our clients weave their home and lives. Helicon Works Architects accomplishes this by applying a set of standard Ecological Building Practices to every project.

Ecologically Responsive Design

The house and land woven together into a coherent whole; passive solar and storm water management plans integrated with beautiful landscaping.

Healthy Home

Breathable wall assemblies, enlivening spaces, connection to nature, and materials and finishes with no or very low VOCs and toxins.

Advanced Energy Efficient Technology

Solar PV (for electricity), solar hot water, geothermal, highly-effective heating/ cooling/ ventilating systems, high performance wall systems and windows, highly-efficient appliances and lighting, water-conserving fixtures, and living roofs.

Sustainable Materials

Locally sourced, salvaged and/ or recycled materials and products, and FSC certified wood.

Natural Building Techniques

Straw bale walls, cob or earthen walls, and natural finishes such as earthen plaster and local woods.

Sustainable Materials


The homes we help our clients create are centered on the idea that these are unique spaces with dynamic spiritual dimensions – this is the third component of our approach. Our homes and sense of place affect our state of mind and well being. Poetic spaces inspire you to live and provide sanctuaries where you can explore and give expression to your self – dreams, memories, beliefs and ancestry which provide nurturing, refuge and a sense of who you are at heart.

Helicon Works Architects seeks to create homes where you can live intentionally and consciously with nature and those that surround you. Bill holds regular workshops throughout the year open to all who wish to explore the connection between self and home. For more information take a look at our Services and Workshops or get in touch with