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Dwelling Workshop: Creating Soul Nurturing Homes

New Dwelling: A Way Home workshop on April 8th, 2017!

Explore your spiritual connection to your home, community and place by working with poetic images of home through creative/meditative exercises. Bill’s Dwelling project is a series of writings based on his explorations of spiritual traditions, meditation, poetry, being in nature, dance and play. Helicon Works Architects explores this spiritual dimension in all projects, as it serves as one of the three fundamental pillars of our approach.

Follow this link for more information or to sign up for a day of mindful explorations between our physical home and our spiritual Home.

Dwelling workshop
Learn to create a Soul Nurturing Home in our latest Dwelling Workshop on April 8th 2017







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Ways of Dwelling workshop Oct. 29

Bill Hutchins, Principal Architect, is leading a new Ways of Dwelling workshop on October 29th. Don’t miss your chance to explore the dialogue between your inner Home – our life’s journey to wholeness – and our physical home.

By working with poetic images of Home through creative and meditative exercises, participants deepen the way they live in their home. We also consider ways of living in our home – as sailing – where the vessel we live in can put us in more intimate relationship with the life we want to live into.

The workshops will be conducted at Bill’s home in Takoma Park. This is also his office and where he explores this work. Bill’s home embodies the ecologically sensitive architecture and spiritual connections to home that Helicon Works Architects is known for.

Ways of Dwelling image by Angie Seckinger for workshop
Image by Angie Seckinger

When: Saturday, October 29th from 9:30-5:00pm

Where: 7108 Holly Avenue, Takoma Park, MD

How much: $150, including healthy, organic, veggie snacks and lunch

Individuals, couples, families and groups are most welcome to join us. Please get in touch with bill@heliconworks.com or call 301.404.5578 for more information.


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“A Conscious Collaborative” by Sam Hudgins

Natural Awakenings article of Helicon Works Architects
“A Conscious Collaborative” article in Natural Awakenings by Sam Hudgins

Helicon Works Architects is featured in Natural Awakenings with an article by Sam Hudgins. Thank you Sam for capturing the spirit of Helicon Works Architects and Bill Hutchins’ work when you describe us “A Conscious Collaborative”.

Since 1989 Bill has practiced ecologically sensitive architecture. With the remodel and straw bale addition of his home in 2006, HWA morphed into a collaborative. Ever since then our close-knit community of professionals has collaborated, bringing expertise and consciousness to the process of designing and building homes.

Read the full article to get to know us better. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing from you. Whether you have a simple question or a project in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with bill@heliconworks.com or call 301.404.5578.


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“Wild Earth, Wild Soul” book talk with Bill Pfeiffer May 27 at Helicon Works

Wild earth image
Bill Pfeiffer talk from his book Wild Earth, Wild Soul

Bill Pfeiffer of Sacred Earth Network will be giving his talk “Wild Earth, Wild Soul Book” at HWA next Friday the 27th of May.

I first met Bill Pfeiffer a year ago, when he gave a talk on his Deep Ecology work. I participated in his one-day workshop the following day, and it was all a homecoming. Bill and i don’t only share our name – we share a deep love for, and commitment to, the earth and all her beings.

We became friends, and, Bill is also a reader for the book i’m writing, Dwelling, A Way Home. Central to this book is opening into our relationship with the earth, precisely what Bill’s work is about.

To learn more about this talk and the workshops he’s hosting in Maryland, please go to his facebook page. To register for any of these events, or to ask questions, please contact Marcus Sims at M3four@aol.com or call 443-831-1781.

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Biophilic Cities event in DC May 23

Biophilia is a movement gathering momentum, in a few forms, around the world, and, heartwarmingly, it’s coming to Washington, DC! Join me at the Biophilic Cities event, galvanizing many of our efforts to bring nature-consciousness (really, human consciousness) further into the way we create and live in cities.

We at Helicon Works Architects have been, before it was named, doing this work. Recently, Stella Tarnay, who is spear-heading the DC movement, presented Biophilia DC at a Helicon Works beer talk in my home, which she praised as being deeply biophilic.

For more info, see http://biophiliccities.org/

Biophilic Cities Poster_May23
Biophilic Cities event in DC May 23


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