Engaging With Our Soul as our Home - Dwelling Workshop

Would you like to expand your sense of refuge in your home? Or, further open your home to your place, gardens and/or trees? Dwelling, as a verb, is a way to deepen our living. Dwelling is active, is how we form more intimate relationships with our self, companions and place.

This workshop is your opportunity to explore Dwelling, through opening into a series of creative meditative exercises. We begin the workshop by creating a safe container, to unite the group into a community.

Bill then gives a series of poetic images, inviting you to internalize the images, and express your response, to open to whatever wants to come through. As a gesture comes to you, Bill encourages to just draw, and let the drawing gather more responses. With no judgement - we are all artists, if we create from our heart and self. The group space is then opened for everyone to share their process with the image. Other participants offer what they see/hear; this time expands everyone’s internal space, and your compassion.

We then discuss how you and the other participants can embody your images in the making of your home. How, perhaps, someone’s deep sense of refuge from swimming in a calm lake can be embodied in, say, doing gentle yoga poses in a intimate room with a view to the sky and trees.

How would you like to engage with your home?
What would you like to explore? 

Curved green roofs.
Hammock in the screened porch.

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Dwelling Workshop

Our latest workshops and events for Dwelling: A Way Home. A book in the making - an exploration of the Home within us and the home we create around us - about our spiritual connections to home, community and space. For more information about this project, please go to the Dwelling page.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to set up a Dwelling Workshop with Bill Hutchins, Principal Architect. The workshop is a day of mindful explorations between our physical home and our spiritual Home, held at Bill's straw bale home and office at 7108 Holly Avenue, Takoma Park, MD.

Bill Hutchins photo