DWELLING Book coming February 2018!

We're excited to announce the DWELLING book will be published February 2018. We hope you will become part of our growing community of Dwellers by engaging with the Dwelling community on Facebook.

Dwelling: A Way Home

Since 1991 Bill has been exploring spiritual traditions, meditation, poetry, being in nature, dance and play - these explorations have become the Dwelling writings. The series of writings has evolved as a narrative of the vision he is serving, both personally and professionally.

Dwelling: A Way Home is a book in the making - an exploration of the Home within us and the home we create around us.

Dwelling image Bob's net-zero straw bale construction home

Dwelling: A Way Home is a compilation of poems, images and meditative/creative exercises about Home and love, spirit, space, relationships, our life-force, our vital center, our lights and shadows, and creative impulse. Through these writings about Home, Bill invites us to explore our connections to each other and the world we live in - to integrate our perceptions of who we are with what is real and resonating in our hearts.

"There is a lot of literature on healthy homes, most of which focuses on concerns such as non-toxic finishes and furnishings, and ventilating noxious fumes. All of that is important, but those don't get to the core issue. We receive the most healing when we work from the inside-out, which only comes through our conscious engagement. The pot drips what's in it. The primary work is always a shift in awareness or consciousness. With fresh eyes - and an open heart - we can live in the world through our homes in a way that feeds and nurtures all parts of ourselves, our companions, and the earth."

The Dwelling book provides a bridge between personal work in the realm of transformational learning to ecological living at its most profound understanding. This is not a book about material aspects of ecological architecture - it is a book about spiritual connections to our homes, community and place, and how these explorations can lead to creating Soul Nurturing Spaces. "Eco" means "home", and "logos" is a spiritual impulse's mysterious coming into our consciousness. "Ecology" can then be thought of as the "mysterious process of finding (our spiritual) Home".

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Dwelling Workshops & In-Home Consultations

Please get in touch with us if you would like to set up a Dwelling Workshop or a personalized in-home consultation with bill@heliconworks.com, Bill Hutchins, Principal Architect.
The workshop is a day of mindful explorations between our physical home and our spiritual Home, held at Bill's straw bale home and office at 7108 Holly Avenue, Takoma Park, MD. The in-home consultation is tailored to your needs.