Ways of Dwelling workshop on October 29th

Individuals, families and groups welcome to attend. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop frameworks with resources for actualizing your vision of home.

Get in touch with bill@heliconworks.com or call 301.404.5578 for more information.


Bill Hutchins leads a variety of playful and reflective workshops throughout the year. You can discover the process of creating a home in union with a place, explore your unique internal image of home, and find ways to articulate your insights and impulses.

Workshops can be adapted to your needs and are available at individual and group level. If you would like to participate, please get in touch with bill@heliconworks.com or call 301.404.5578.

Healthy Home


Learn to create a nurturing and beautiful home which provides refuge as it places you in harmony with the land.

An experiential, playful and reflective workshop exploring ecological practices through a series of creative exercises. If you are looking to remodel, add onto or build new and you would like to learn more about how this can be achieved through ecological and green building practices, this is the workshop for you.


Summer bed on exterior porch with fan and natural ventilation.


This workshop explores the dialogue between our inner Home – our life’s journey to wholeness – and our physical home.

By working with poetic images of Home through creative and meditative exercises, participants deepen the way they live in their home by revealing life-giving impulses they can embody in their home. We also consider ways of living in our home – as sailing – where the vessel we live in can put us in more intimate relationship with the life we want to live into.


workday workshops


We usually have a few local projects under construction featuring a variety of natural and/or ecological building. Get in touch with Bill for current opportunities to work for a day in exchange for learning about these building techniques.

You can also take a tour of his home which embodies many of the principles and services we provide at Helicon Works Architects.