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“Wild Earth, Wild Soul” book talk with Bill Pfeiffer May 27 at Helicon Works

Wild earth image

Bill Pfeiffer talk from his book Wild Earth, Wild Soul

Bill Pfeiffer of Sacred Earth Network will be giving his talk “Wild Earth, Wild Soul Book” at HWA next Friday the 27th of May.

I first met Bill Pfeiffer a year ago, when he gave a talk on his Deep Ecology work. I participated in his one-day workshop the following day, and it was all a homecoming. Bill and i don’t only share our name – we share a deep love for, and commitment to, the earth and all her beings.

We became friends, and, Bill is also a reader for the book i’m writing, Dwelling, A Way Home. Central to this book is opening into our relationship with the earth, precisely what Bill’s work is about.

To learn more about this talk and the workshops he’s hosting in Maryland, please go to his facebook page. To register for any of these events, or to ask questions, please contact Marcus Sims at or call 443-831-1781.

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